Posted: August 7, 2010 in News

Been a while since I posted anything, so I decided to make an entry about forums and my entries in the Mini Competitions that take place there. for those who don’t know, is a forum for videogame artists where you can find all sorts of material related to their development (in relation to visual development), there are lots of articles about almost everything and the community is fantastic, always ready to help.

Since I joined I’ve learned a lot, especially about texture baking (one of the things I had to improve).

But the only way to know what I’m talking about is sign up and give your contribution to the community.

Finally just want to say about my first two entries in the Mini Competitions that take place in the forums: “Modeling a Sun Lounger” (Speed Modeling Competition) and “Texturing the Sun Lounger” that was provided by the “Modeling a Sun Lounger” winner (Speed Texturing Competition). You can check the two entries in my Personal Work section.


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